The DCHA Galleries

DCHA features two exhibit galleries.

The Main Gallery currently displays a semi-permanent exhibit: "This Valley used to be all Farms..." A Celebration of Delaware County's Agricultural Traditions.

The Elijah Thomas Gallery hosts a variety of exhibits throughout the year.

Vignettes: David Byrd Paints Delaware County is currently on display.

Paintings by the late Sidney Center artist David Byrd displayed will include ethereal landscapes of Delaware County and vignettes of the people Byrd encountered during his weekly trips to the laundromat, grocery store, doctor's office and gas station. On display in the Elijah Thomas Gallery until October 8, 2017. Free admission. Open Tuesday - Sunday from 11am to 4pm.

David Byrd was born in Springfield, Illinois, in 1926. His father, who suffered from mental illness, left the family when David was a young child and his mother was forced by economic hardship to abandon him and his five siblings to foster homes.
At seventeen, he joined the Merchant Marines and traveled through Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia before being drafted into the U.S. Army as an artillerist during World War II. After the war he studied for two years at the Ozenfant School of Fine Arts in New York City.
Throughout the 1950s, David lived in various parts of New York State working odd jobs. In 1958, David took a job as an orderly in the psychiatric ward at the Veterans Administration Medical Hospital in Montrose, NY. For the next 30 years, he worked with doctors and nurses in care of patients whose damage resulted from World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. He also painted scenes from his daily commute-views of bridges, waterways, mountains and the regional landmarks of filling stations, cafes and shopping centers.
In 1988, at age 62, David retired from the hospital. He purchased 11 acres in Sidney Center, NY. For four years, he lived in a hunter's shack while building the stone foundation for his home. By 1994 David devoted himself full time to painting-largely from memory-the people, places and situations from his past.
A chance meeting with a neighbor in the fall of 2012 led to David's first professional exhibition seven months later. David died on May 30, 2013 at the New York Veterans Home in Oxford, NY.
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