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The Delaware County Historical Association Presents:

In-Class Programs!

We will travel to your school to present the programs listed below. Each program can last between 30 and 60 minutes depending on your needs.

The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick-maker

The 1855 Delaware County census provides the basis for this program which takes a look at nineteenth-century professions and occupations in our rural community. Historic objects act as clues leading younger children to discover occupations ranging from the most common (farmer, homemaker, servant) to the more unusual (candlestick-maker & daguerrian). This program can be 'tailored' to meet the needs of groups large and small and of varying abilities. Suggested grade range: 1 through 5.


Early methods of transportation in the region are explored in this program. Photographs, diary entries and objects give students more of an understanding of the difficulties of travel in our region before the advent of the automobile. Toll roads, rafting and the more usual ways of moving from place to place, such as via railroad, horse and wagon, or by foot, will all be explored. This program can also be tailored to meet most needs. Suggested grade range: 1 through 4.

Booking Information

It is suggested that wherever possible teachers go through the DCMO BOCES Arts In Education Program to book either one of these programs (the AIE Catalog also lists the numerous slide shows we are able to offer). If your school does not participate in the AIE program, please call the Delaware County Historical Association at (607) 746-3849, or email us at

Produce, Preserve and Play Days

Fourth Grade Hands-On History Days

Each year during the first week in June the Delaware County Historical Association hosts fourth grade students from schools around the county during Produce, Preserve and Play Days. In past years we have been able to offer this program to schools for the small fee of only $6.00 per student. Below is a brief description of just some of the crafts/activities typically available:

Tools & Trades ~ Immersion workshops in this concentration will include at least two of the following trades: blacksmithing, gunsmithing, farrier, weaving and woodworking (furniture making). Students may also be assigned a "leisure time" activity such as square dancing or autograph albums.

Woolly Ways ~ Immersion workshops in this concentration include spinning & felting, and weaving. Students may also be assigned an exploring history activity such as autograph albums, object reading or one room schoolhouse.

Exploring History Along the Delaware ~ Immersion workshops in this concentration may include Native American traditions & games, herbs/nature walk, square dancing, stenciling, object reading, one room schoolhouse, and autograph books.

Work & Play ~ Immersion Workshops in this concentration combine an activity young adults may have been learning as apprentices or as chores in the home - like spinning, weaving, furniture making, or smithing - with traditional leisure time activities - like autograph albums, stenciling and square dancing.

History Luncheons

In 2004 DCHA began a new program of monthly history luncheons. Over the past few years they have been held at different restaurants throughout Delaware County, including the Quarter Moon Café, Delhi; Cross Roads Café, Delhi; The Cantina, Andes; Danny's, Walton and some on-site at DCHA. The luncheons and presentation usually begin at 1:30pm and continue to approximately 3pm. Keep an eye on DCHA's calendar for future luncheons, with a different speaker every month.

The luncheons are designed to promote an awareness of and appreciation for local historical issues and certain figures of historical import.

Workshops at DCHA

Over the course of the calendar year DCHA is proud to offer numerous workshops to our visitors. Some workshops offered in recent months have included:



Soap Making

Folk Dancing

Medicinal Herb Growing


Usually the museum charges a nominal fee to attend these workshops, most of which are held on Saturday mornings at DCHA.

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